JEDDAH NORTH CORNICHE project 80% complete – Hani bin Mohammed Abu Ras, mayor of Jeddah province

JEDDAH: The JEDDAH NORTH CORNICHE  project is now 80 percent complete, according to Hani bin Mohammed Abu Ras, mayor of Jeddah province.



The project, whose total area covers 700,000 square meters, with green spaces covering an estimated area of 275,000 square meters, also contains a 125-meter fishing pier, a control and communications room, entertainment places, restaurants and seating areas.

Car parking for 1,600 vehicles has been created, Abu Ras said, and there are 17 hiking trails, seating and prayer areas, children’s play areas, as well as 12 works of Saudi artists and 25 kiosks.
After completion, the northern corniche project will accommodate 120,000 people; there will be 17 plaza areas, 17 fountains, five beach control towers, a marine taxi, a 650-meter iron hanging bridge connecting the corniche and Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road, and three ramps for pedestrians and persons with special needs, he said.

He said the cost is SR800 million ($213.3 million), and the project falls within Jeddah province’s plans to develop the seafront for recreational and leisure use.

The North Corniche project has Jeddah reclaiming its Red Sea waterfront with ambitious landscapes that relate to the fabric of Jeddah’s community and the natural environment.

KLA Landscape Architects designed one of the Middle East’s largest recreational projects: The Jeddah North Corniche. This project stretches 12 km in length from Tahlyah Street in the South to Fatima Al Zahra, the Floating Mosque.

Faisal Bin Fahd Street is a 7.5 km long street runs parallel to the Corniche and will be linked via pedestrian bridge through Al Nawras roundabout and reaches the Giant Wheel.

This street will be refurbished following international standards, and act as an open air museum filled with art features. Its green corridor allows for the creation of an urban park fully equipped with seating furniture, playground equipment and a 5 meter promenade that meanders through and around the art features.
The whole project is about 2.5 Million m2 and has the Corniche designed in 7 phases, with an 8th phase dedicated to Faisal Bin Fahd Street. The first phase of the Corniche, also the narrowest part of this project, opened 2012.

Other waterfront development projects by KLA: Yanbu Al Sinaiyah, a 14km coast line, includes 4 islands, 5.5 Million m². Coastal Park in Yanbu, 30,000 m², North Beach in Jubail, a 2.5 km parkscape, 300,000 m2



Environmental and Socio-economic Benefits
An overall improved cultural and socio-economic environment was one of the main driving factors when reviewing the master plan. As a result, a substantial amount of new investment opportunities are presented in the new North Corniche design. Recreational activities were born through the creation of a promenade, Vita Parcour and small trails as well as green spaces for passive contemplation, active play and recreation areas.

A unique character of the Jeddah North Corniche is the large park like spaces between the road and the promenade with many different elements. The goal of this project is to create a public space network that is open, balanced and well defined. Special characters for each different space define the function. Some of the elements found within the Jeddah North Corniche development include:

12km long and 10 m wide uninterrupted promenade
Jeddah’s Giant Wheel and cable car stations
Large plazas hosting shops, restaurants and leisure buildings
An open-air museum and a festival area with an open-air amphitheater
Custom designed water features, with a monumental water fountain in the Northern Entrance of the Corniche
Custom fit shade structures
Public toilets and immersible waste containers
Sandy beaches with watch towers
Marina with island
Fishing pier and water taxi stops

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