10 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Is Like Your Mother-Ramprasad Padhi

10 Ways Your Real Estate Agent Is Like Your Mother – Ramprasad Padhi ( Founder & CEO – MumbaiProperties Consulting Pvt Ltd )

1. She makes you clean your room.
While dealing with prospective buyers for your home, it is always the first impression that matters. It should not come as a surprise to you if your real estate agent asks you to clear the clutter in the living room, replace the bed sheets and generally ensure that your home is presentable just like your mother did.

2. She takes your calls late at night.
Irrespective of your age, agents’ treat their clients like babies and are available even at really late hours. Watch their motherly instincts when you reach out to them with a query and they already seem to know the problem before you tell them.

3. She is concerned about you when you don’t return her countless calls, Whatsapp messages and SMS :
It is impossible to hide from your mother OR your real estate agent! Do you recollect the time when you were in college or were out late night with friends, your mother would always call to check your whereabouts (and you hated it)? Not calling her back would trigger a panic attack as she would worry to no end. Your real estate agent is no different, so make sure you diligently return his calls to keep the communication channels open.

4. She teaches you how to save money, create a budget, and helps you to stick to it.
It was your mother who taught you to value every single rupee of the pocket money you received and the additional amount you got when you hauled groceries from the Kirana stores. When you began working, it was she who explained the savings concept in detail. Your agent has now taken over that role is happy to meddle in your personal finances.

Your real estate agent has no qualms about bringing you back to earth when you dream about fancy, over-budget homes and shows you practical and affordable homes. After all, like your mother, all the agent wants, is for you to settle down quickly in life.

5. She chases you to complete your homework.
Yes, School is over but homework isn’t! While buying a home, it is important to check out locality, the convenience of travelling to your office, proximity to schools, railway station and supermarkets, not to mention the safety factor. Your mother always hounded you to hit the books before a test, similarly, your agent will make sure you check out the area than depend on the seller’s word.

Ramprasad Padhi

Ramprasad Padhi

6. She’s a wonderful listener.
Remember how you confided about all your fears, your complaints and your meaningless worries to your mother? She always had time for you. So does your agent. In fact the more you share with your agent, the better he/she will understand your needs while buying or selling a home. Ultimately, both want to see you happy and satisfied.

7. You did drive her over the hill. And beyond!
As a child or as a teenager, you were quite a handful with your silly tantrums. Your mother indeed had her hands full when you were growing up and certainly there were times when she felt like giving up on you but yet held on. Your real estate agent is no different and has similar qualities to absorb the stress you release. You can be quite a pain, at times, you know!

8. She doubles up as your driver & bodyguard and not ask for any remuneration.
Your mother has accompanied you to your dance practice and your cricket matches has dropped you off at school picnics and camps and been by your side every time you had a toothache. Your agent tags along with you to every prospective home and discusses every tiny detail with you with the hope that he gets to know you better and lands a nice deal for you. A truly good heart is at work, whether it is your mother or your agent!

9. She is your mother but boy, can she be tough!
Did you know that every time you hurt yourself and cried like hell, your mom shed tears too? She is soft at heart but did not mind to drill some sense into your head when it was needed. The shower of kisses on your forehead could well be followed up with a whack on the bottom if you crossed your limits. Agents do not differ much (maybe the kisses would be missing) but they will surely not hesitate to give you’re the facts and expect you to listen to the bitter truth.

If you have set your heart on a home and it slips out to another buyer, the agent will break the news and console you too. They are the ones who will prevent any stupid financial decisions you take while in the midst of applying for a loan, reprimand you for putting off visiting a property (and then telling you, it’s been sold). These valuable nuggets of advice can come from your real estate only who truly has your best interests at heart.

10. She is a complete mix of emotions when you move on, both happy and sad at the same time but definitely proud to see you make it this far and to have been with you in this voyage.
Every mother experiences the “empty nest syndrome” when her babies fly off to. Maybe she will cry her heart out after you leave and miss you like hell. Of course, you will visit them on weekends but sooner or later you will become busy with life and the visits will become infrequent. The feeling that hurts mother is that they are not needed anymore in your lives, now that you are grown up.

Real Estate Agents too, pass through a similar phase. After they have spent days (probably weeks) with a client, showcasing a variety of homes and in the process creating a bond, suddenly have to end the entire communication once the deal is done. They too are no longer needed in your life, at least not temporarily.

If you want to give both these important persons in your life a nice little surprise, give your mother a call and tell her she still means a lot to you. Your agent on the other hand, will be more than happy if you put in a good word about him to your friends searching for a home. After all, referrals are the best way to tell them what a wonderful job they did

About The Author : Mr Ramprasad Padhi

Realtor, Consultant, CEO, a Die-hard Super-Biker, a dedicated father and husband….. Ramprasad Padhi answers to all these titles with great aplomb and enthusiasm. For someone who’s first Real Estate deal happened while he was only 18 years old, Ramprasad has certainly come a long way, nurturing his passion for Real Estate Consultancy along the way. After completing his MBA in Marketing and degree in Law, he launched Pinnacle Realty way back in 1994 when the real estate business did not garner much respect. However, Ramprasad’s passion and single-minded focus were to create a niche area for himself and enhance the Industry’s standards.

It was this dedication and the desire to excel, coupled with a keen understanding of modern technology that leads to the launch of Ramprasad’s first Real Estate Website in 1999. His flagship Brand website www.mumbaiproperties.com went online in 2002. Ramprasad always strived to create a customer-centric real estate consultancy business and has successfully assimilated values like Integrity, Honesty, Commitment & Ethics.

In 1997, he became one of the Founder Member of AREA- Association of Real Estate Agents, Mumbai, which is a Non-Profit organization that has been instrumental in promoting business for its members through powerful networking. After heading Public Relations and Technology for 4 years and serving as its Vice-President for 2 years, Ramprasad was the President of AREA for 2016-2018.

Ramprasad Padhi firmly believes that learning is a never-ending process and has a string of certifications in the form of CIPS & TRC. Ram is a passionate Real Estate Trainer & he trains Realtors in Marketing, Business Development, Entrepreneurship and PR.

Ramprasad always believes that if you stop learning, you stop living.

Contact : Mr Ramprasad Padhi is the  Founder & CEO – MumbaiProperties Consulting Pvt Ltd  and can be reached at www.mumbaiproperties.com

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