Top 6 Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai, UAE

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai :

Dubai is the beautiful place where people aspire to have their dream house.

Dubai is the wonderful Emirates city of whole UAE, which attracts people from around the globe. It attracts people from worldwide because of its luxurious homes, which looks ravishing to the core.

Some of the famous people are living in Dubai, which are the stars of Bollywood and Hollywood also. Here in this post we will let you know about the Bollywood celebrities who have their home in Dubai. Various Indian celebrity houses in Dubai are just marvelous.

Bollywood Celebrities Houses In Dubai:
The real estate in Dubai, UAE market also keeps on varying but this does not matter much to the Bollywood celebrities. Many of these celebrities have purchased their beautiful homes, even at the time when the real estate market in Dubai was crumbling in the year 2008 as such.

Bollywood stars are quite rich people. Many of these celebrities invest their money in property. These stunning stars have invested their money on everything which ranges from retail projects, real estate in Dubai, restaurants and various sports franchises. These lovely stars love to spend their holiday time at different picturesque places at foreign places which are just so beautiful and attractive. And this is the reason why some of these stars have invested in property at different places in abroad too.

#1 ShahRukh Khan:
There are numerous Indian celebrity house in Dubai and we have Shah Rukh Khan property details with us. Though this famous actor states that his opulent holiday home on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai a beautiful gift but this news is rife that this lavish property is his payment for endorsing Palm Jumeirah. Shah Rukh Khan’s property which is spread over 2 levels of lounging 8500 square feet and 14000 square foot plots, this Signature Villa has a worth of around 17.84 crores as such. This beautiful villa has own pool and magnificent beach to where the Khan family desires to have a blast as well.

#2 Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
These 2 stars have a plush property in Dubai’s Jumeirah’s Golf Estates. This lavish area which is a resort style villa in Sanctuary Falls ranges between 5600 square feet to 10,600 square feet, and the cost ranges from 15 to 35 million UAE Dirhams. Each villa looks ravishing with wonderful gardens and also resort style swimming pool too. They also have a beautiful bungalow in Emirates Hills, which they got as the present from the property developer.

Well, the best time for Dubai real estate investment is 2017 and you can plan for having a wonderful home in Dubai at this time.

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

#3 Shilpa Shetty Kundra:
This gorgeous actress turned business woman was gifted a lavish apartment in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. This couple also owns a seven-bedroom property which is called “Raj Mahal” located in Weighbridge, Surrey and property in Meyfair and also on Oxford Street in London too.

#5 Salman Khan:
Dubai is one of the favorite city of Salman Khan. This superstar has purchased an apartment in The Address, Downtown and is busy sprucing up his place too, as per the local radio station he has started to. Salman has also been to Dubai for promoting his hit movie Being Human. Dubai is the beautiful place which grabs the eyeballs of people around the globe in various ways with its rich culture, architecture, lovely real estate, skyscrapers too.

Salman mostly visits UAE and has shown much love for this Emirates country and his love for this country made him to invest in this lovely country as such.

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

#6 Sohail Khan:
Even younger brother of Bollywood star Salman Khan, the director and the producer Sohail Khan has also bought an amazing property in Dubai, which is nestled in Middle East alternative to New Yorks Manhattan, Business Bay. His ravishing apartment is situated at 21-store residential tower, Burj Pacific which has marvelous 150 apartments and also have magnificent penthouses too.

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

Bollywood Celebrities Apartments Dubai

As per the statement given in Emirates 24/7, Sohail Khan told that, “We are looking, in fact, we have been looking for some time, it’s just that this whole year we have been tied up and yeah we would love to buy a pad in Dubai, it’s anyway just two and half hours from Mumbai.”

Sohail Khan reiterates that, “For a second home, it’s beautiful, safe country to live in. As a holiday home, you feel safe with the children, you feel safe with your family.

“And the security is amazing, the food, the people and the place are beautiful. But I always say that it’s the people, which make the place. And the people of Dubai are beautiful.”

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