Businessman’s dream home for wife to be up in 24 hours by REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies

REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies

REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies

REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies

A three-bedroom house covering 2,400sqft, built in 24 hours flat. At Rs 48 lakh, plus tax. That’s some fast and furious work, and cheap too.

A Bengaluru-based company, specializing in rapid construction and building innovation technology , is out to prove a point, and also set a world record with its dream home for a city businessman.Tyag Uthappa, coffee planter and businessman from Kodagu, is planning to gift the marvel to his wife on her birthday .

Using the precast method of construction, the project is tentatively scheduled for July 15 at T Agrahara, close to Stonehill International School in North Bengaluru. The Limca Book of World Records has acknowledged this claim and will send a team to document the execution.

The construction will cost Uthappa about Rs 48 lakh, plus tax, compared to Rs 70-80 lakh for a normal construction of this size. “The delay in the project handover, quality of construction and exorbitant prices are making people think twice before investing in real estate projects. Precast technology could be the answer. It reduces construction timelines and improves sustainability and quality . Most important, precast buildings can last a lifetime,“ said Paddy Menon, chief disruptor, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies, who’s taken the lead in attempting a record.

According to the 2015 Survey of Construction from the Census Bureau, the average completion time of a singlefamily home is around seven months. “The amount of time it takes to build your home depends on the type of home you’re building and various other factors, like labour, raw material supply and weather.But this is amazing, considering that these factors become irrelevant. The new technology can give a fillip to affordable housing and the Modi government’s ambitious project to provide houses to all by 2022,” said a builder.

How is the construction done in such quick time? Menon explained: “We use moulds using precast to create structural elements which are standardized.“ A house could have 15 to 25 large elements. These are trans ported to the site, using trailers. We use standard strip foundations we normally see at construction sites, and with the help of cranes we assemble these walls (elements) and construct the whole house.

We ensure that the elements are assembled with great care and precision, with appropriate joints.This technology helps us skip a lot of procedures which we follow in the conventional method of construction, and makes work easier and faster,“ Menon explained.Construction trend: In 2016, a 10storey structure was built in 48 hours in Mohali, using precast technology , and entered the Limca Book of Records. A builder said there have been instances of houses being built in 48 hours, a week or month, but this is the first time someone is attempting to set a record by building a 2,400 sqft house, which could change the way the construction industry is going about its work. Saves time, improves quality: Paddy Menon, chief disruptor, REBEL Disruptive Building Technologies, said precast technology has proved its worth by saving a lot of construction time in Europe and West Asian countries. The best part of the technology is that it not only speeds up construction work but also enhances quality of the final output. This technology is still nascent in India, though a few large projects are happening in a few metros, and need a lot more awareness among common people.

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