World’s 30 most dynamic cities: Full list

New Delhi: JLL’s fourth annual City Momentum Index on Wednesday announced the list of 30 world’s most dynamic cities with India’s technology hub Bengaluru topping the chart.

While Asia Pacific cities comprised half of the top 30 fastest- changing cities, India also overtook China as home to some of the most dynamic cities in the world.

These cities are have been judged on their ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity.

Here is the full list of the 30 world’s most dynamic cities:
1) Bengaluru

2) Ho Chi Minh City

3) Silicon Valley

4) Shanghai

5) Hyderabad

6) London

7) Austin

8) Hanoi

9) Boston

10) Nairobi

11) Dubai

12) Melbourne

13) Pune

14) New York

15) Beijing

16) Sydney

17) Chennai

18) Paris

19) Manila

20) Seattle

21) San Francisco

22) Shenzhen

23) Delhi

24) Raleighn-Durham

25) Mumbai

26) Hangzhou

27) Los Angeles

28) Dublin

29) Nanjing

30) Stockholm

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